Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/19/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/19/10


Provided By Danielle

Brady: What about Arianna?

Nicole: Well, I called her to talk to her about work, and she just--she seemed angry and upset.

Brady: Well, you're not exactly her favorite person. I don't know if you knew that.

Hope: (Dr. Baker complains when Hope keeps the meager contents of Roman’s wallet) And what about you?

Baker: Uh, money. If this is your idea of a good score, next time I should just knock over a kid selling Girl Scout cookies.

Philip: You know, about this, uh, Chloe and Daniel thing, what do you--what do you mean when you say that they're not gonna work out?

Melanie: Um, okay. Look, I know that there's a part of Chloe that's really nice, but there's this other part of her that's kind of like a high-octane drama queen... a little.

Nathan: (to Stephanie about winning their game of pool) You are one shrewd player.

Melanie: (having just walked up) Well, you can say that again.

Melanie: Gosh, I wonder why you'd be avoiding alcohol, unless it's for the baby's sake.

Stephanie: There is no baby. And I would appreciate it if you'd keep your mouth shut.

Melanie: What did you tell Nathan? I mean, how did you explain that, all of the sudden, you're a prissy little teetotaler?

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