Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/5/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/5/10


Provided By Danielle

EJ: I will go upstairs and get the kids, all right? Caroline's not gonna shoot me or anything, is she?

Sami: Well, you better mind your manners.

EJ: I always mind my manners.

Roman: (to Sami) Oh, right, right, 'cause when it comes to falling under the DiMera spell, Will got there ahead of you. I do swear these people are putting something in the water.

Vivian: (about the mugger leaving a symbolic mark on Brady) My God, to be branded like a steer.

Victor: A bull.

Vivian: Victor, it really happened.

Calliope: (in a flashback) [Laughs mockingly] Can we recap here for a second? Who was there, by your side, when Nikki was murdered?

Anna: Tony.

Calliope: Right. And who was there who--really caring about your well-being and your happiness?

Anna: Tony.

Calliope: And who was there when you lost your vir--

Anna: Not Tony.

Calliope: Okay, two out of three isn't bad.

Brady: Grandpa's out for revenge.

Nicole: Yeah, it's the first time I feel sorry for a mugger.

Sami: (to Kate) Am I really having a conversation with you about mothering skills?

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