Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 3/22/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 3/22/10


Provided By Danielle

Jim: (to Anna about Nicole) The public has to have sympathy for her and the chances of that happening, it’s about the same as the Bears going to the Super Bowl.

Vivian: (to Gus) Carly won’t be able to breathe feeling you do the same thing down her neck. And then she won’t be able to breathe at all.

Mia: (Will reveals that he has the medal he gave Mia to wear) Uh, where'd you find that?

Will: No, Gabi found it. She actually got it from Chad. I guess this thing really gets around. Just like you.

Lois: There's gotta be someone. You're not trying to look pretty for me.

Nicole: Is it hard working here when you should be engineering rockets for NASA?

Will: (to Mia) I know that lying look. I grew up with my mom remember?

Sami: And I can keep secrets with the best of 'em.

Rafe: No need to tell me.

Carly: I told you I was exonerated by my daughter's testimony.

Vivian: That is so touching. It sort of smacks of movie of the week.

Bo: Would you like me to review with you the ways I can make your life a living hell?

Vivian: Oh, please, my heart. I'm not a young woman.

Bo: I noticed.

Abe: Aside from the fact that he's ruthlessly ambitious and slick as hell, he's a charmer.

Lexie: Oh, a slick politician--how unusual. And present company excluded, of course.

Lois: Well, who can you talk to?

Nicole: Someone who will take my calls. Someone I can trust.

Lois: Wow. Tall order.

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