Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/10/10

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/10/10


Provided By Danielle

Stefano: (Kate wants to bring Stefano to the wedding as her guest) Well, then why don't you go at the gas station? They got guys hanging around there. They're willing to work for food.

Hope: I just had the strangest conversation with Kate.

Justin: Every conversation with Kate is strange.

Hope: I had exactly the same experience when I ran into Vivian on the pier last night. She dropped her bag. I almost saw what was in it, and she nearly freaked out.

Justin: Probably her eye of newt, toe of frog.

Melanie: Thank you. So, okay, it's time. Let's go get Vivian, tell her I'm ready.

Arianna: Okay, here's the deal. She puts the comb in, and then we get her out of your hair. No pun intended.

Philip: You know, one of the first things that got me about Melanie was how she handles my family. They don't faze her at all.

Lucas: That's 'cause they haven't tried to kill her yet.

Hope: Well, I just realized. Now that I'm back on the force, I have to be careful how I handle this case. Private citizen Brady could have tied Vivian to a chair and gone through her stuff, but now I have to respect her rights.

Justin: Bummer.

Lucas: How many times have we said mom wouldn't have the nerve to do something?

Philip: She always has the nerve.

Lucas: Yep. And the reserve of nerve you never dreamed existed.

Philip: I wonder how Melanie’s doing. I know she wants everything today to be perfect.

Lucas: Well, if she wants that, I think she picked the wrong family, don't you?

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