Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/17/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 12/17/09


Provided By Danielle

Abe: (Rafe seeks out Abe’s help with Nicole’s ladies’ boot tip) So what do I have to do with this? After all, I'm not exactly an expert on women's designer boots.

Rafe: Oh, I would hope not…

Victor: (to Brady) I'm sorry, are you expecting a reaction from me? Surely by now, you should know how little your opinion means to me.

EJ: Well, you can call me old-fashioned, if you'd like, but I see a beautiful lady alone in a place like this, and, uh, I worry. There are a lot of unsavory types out here.

Arianna: (referring to EJ) Yes, I believe there are.

Sami: You know, I really regret that you are stuck with two parents who are...pretty childish.

Will: You guys have grown up a lot lately. I'm thinking about extending your curfew till midnight, actually.

Maggie: Well, the holidays are a sad time. You know, it's very hard. People expect you to be happy. It just makes it worse.

Mia: You never do.

Maggie: Well, darling, I'm perfect.

EJ: All I ever get is sympathy from people. It was nice, actually, for once, to have somebody sparring with me.

Arianna: Well... I'm kind of known for that. My brother Rafe says that, um, I haven't met anyone that I couldn't fight with, so...

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