Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/14/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/14/09


Provided By Danielle

Stefano: (on the phone) All will be revealed very soon. Be patient. And wait for further instructions. Oh ho. Commissioner Brady. I did not hear you come in.

Bo: Who were you talking to?

Stefano: Warren Buffet. He's passing through town next week, wants to know if he can borrow my yacht.

Bo: Nice to see your sense of humor is still intact...

Stefano: You've come here to accuse me--is that it? Do you actually think that not only would I put my son through this hell but also my precious granddaughter? Who right now is probably wondering where her real family is.

Bo: You almost sound concerned. Bravo.

EJ: (concerned that Rafe wants Sami to wear a wire when confronting Stefano) Great. My father thinks his barber wears a wire, okay?

Bo: (questioning Stefano but getting no results) Why do I bother?

Stefano: I often wonder that myself.

Rafe: (patting Sami down) How's that?

Sami: Nice.

Rafe: The wire.

Sami: Oh. It's fine.

Sami: (defending her right to be given back Sydney) I'm her mother.

Stefano: Ah, yes, her mother. Yeah, because you have so much time to take care of the sweet child. If I remember correctly, I mean, I may be wrong, but don't you have about a dozen kids now?

Sami: Hey, back off. Not as many as you.

Sami: I'd tell you to go to hell, Stefano, if I thought you would die, but even the devil doesn't want you.

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