Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/16/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/16/09


Provided By Danielle

Brady: (Brady doesn’t want their make-out session to be interrupted) Mm. No, no, no. Don't--that's not your--that's not your phone ringing.

Arianna: Yep. I gotta get it.

Brady: It's another phone throwing its voice.

Brady: (Arianna doesn’t want to risk tipping Troy off by not answering her phone) You know, even if you were a real drug dealer, they use voice mail.

Arianna: Okay. So where are you gonna go? Brady: Where anyone goes to find information on the scum of the earth. My granddad.

Brady: (to Arianna) There is gonna come a day when our biggest problem is gonna be like what movie should we go to? Where should we go for lunch?

Nicole: (Nicole is being confronted over switching Sydney with Grace) No, I would never.

Sami: You would never what? You would never tell the truth? I know!

Kate: You think something's going on, don't you?

EJ: [Clears throat] Kate, with me something is always going on.

Chloe: (feeling at fault that she told Nicole about Sami’s pregnancy by EJ) She must have gone crazy after I told her.

Daniel: Well, she didn't have a long trip.

Nicole: (to Sami) And I just--I-I- I thought I-I had accepted the fact that I couldn't have children and then... and then I got pregnant, and it was a miracle. I mean, children come so easy to you. You don't even want them, and you get pregnant.

Nicole: And it's not fair. It is not fair, Sami. You didn't even tell EJ about the baby, and I can't have another child.

Sami: So you thought I had so many that I-I wouldn't miss one?

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