Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/19/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/19/09


Provided By Danielle

Nathan: I mean, we were standing, what, three feet away from each other, and I had on my best doctor face, and somehow, they just knew. I mean, they must have been at least what--in their 60s? They knew that we were... [Clears throat] Involved.

Melanie: Yeah, I don't-- I don't like thinking about people that old thinking about things like that. I feel like they should be worried about, like, their Medicare or something.

Nathan: Maybe we should just put a paper bag over your head.

Melanie: [Laughing] Yeah, really, like it's just my face that drives you crazy.

Arianna: You know what? I shouldn't have come over here.

Brady: No, Ari, Ari--[Laughs] Why wouldn't you want to have come over? I mean, then you wouldn't have been able to, you know, push me away again when I tried to kiss you and not told me why again. I mean, we--we would have missed all this fun.

Lexie: Nicole... I know firsthand... the extent a woman will go to protect her child. I don't judge.

Nicole: [Chuckles] A DiMera who doesn't judge? Hmm, that doesn't happen.

Victor: I'm visiting a sick friend.

Lexie: Yeah, a friend you held hostage and threatened to kill!

Victor: I wouldn't kill Stefano... you know, unless I had to.

Brady: Grandfather, I... didn't know you were here.

Victor: Just got in. Saw Stefano in that damn hospital bed. Decided to walk home. May do it again next month.

Chad: (to Nicole) Mrs. DiMera... are you trying to seduce me?

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