Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/23/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/23/09


Provided By Danielle

Nicole: (EJ carries Nicole over the threshold) Ta-da! So, they do this in England, too, huh?

E.J.: Yeah. It's a tradition that started with the Romans about 2,000 years ago.

Nicole: Oh, really? And you know that how?

E.J.: Because, being me, I had to look it up, so...

Nicole: (EJ hands Nicole a small gift box) Is it jewelry?

E.J.: No. It's a pony.

Lucas: This is kind of strange for me. Here I am, the older brother. I should be the one you look up to, and usually it's the other way around, isn't it? You've never taken the easy way out. You joined up with the Marines, fought for your country. Man, not a lot of people would have done that... especially when home is a mansion with servants that are begging to do everything for you.

Philip: Well, I wasn't worried I was dying until you started talking like that.

Nicole: You know, um, I'm kind of glad it all worked out like this. Our own private reception.

E.J.: It's nice, isn't it?

Nicole: Mm.

E.J.: No drunken guests.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

E.J.: No surprise guests.

Bo: You're right. Junior won't be telling me anything tonight, and I -- I will be handling this by the book.

Stefano: Well, well, well. There is a first time for everything, isn't there?

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