Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/17/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/17/09


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Nicole: Well, pretty girl... pretty soon your daddy's gonna make an honest woman out of me. Yes. [Sydney coos] [Laughing] Yeah. Oh. Yeah, you're right. You can't exactly call me an honest woman, huh?

Nicole: (praying to God while alone in the church) I understand that you have issues with me. But I promise -- I really do... if you take care of E.J. and Sydney... [Sighing] Oh, I... I really just want to be a good mother to her -- a mother she deserves. And I want to be a good wife to E.J. and, um...I realize that I've -- I've screwed up. The whole reason I'm doing this is that I just really need your help. Thank you. (turns around to see Dr. Baker walk in, then turns back to the altar) That's really not funny.

Chloe: (Nicole is upset that Brady has shown up to her wedding) Sorry, honey. E.J.'s already here. I saw his limo out front.

Nicole: Oh, God, no, no. I mean, who else is gonna show up to my wedding? Sami, Victor? How about Vladimir Putin? Hmm, that would be great. Dick Cheney, Michael Vick. Oh, who else is gonna show up that I really, really don't want in my wedding?

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