Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 3/9/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 3/9/09


Provided By Danielle

Nicole: [Chuckles] Tell me something. What the hell does it matter to you who Sami kisses these days?

E.J.: Oh, yeah. I heard you ran into her.

Nicole: Too bad it wasn't with my car.

Melanie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Um, when things -- when things pile on me, I just -- I turn into a cry baby, but, uh, I'm done. Uh, thank you. I'm gonna...

Brady: It's -- hey, listen. Listen. The coat's waterproof.

Sami: (describing holding Nicole’s baby, Sydney) Hardly. More like a mortal enemy, actually. But, um, she did have a really beautiful baby, and, when I was holding her, I got so emotional. [Exhales deeply]

Sr. Theresa: Yes, well, that's because you miss your little Grace.

Sami: Yeah. Probably also because it occurred to me that that poor, innocent, helpless little girl is gonna be raised by that... witch.

Melanie: (Brady has brought Melanie to throw darts to work out her frustrations and she pretends that EJ and Philip are in place of the dartboard) I'm sorry, E.J. Did that get your lip? Didn't mean to hurt you. Ooh. Sorry. That one get you in the eye? It's okay. You'll be fine. You have another one -- for now. It feels kind of cool. I could like dress up at night and fight crime with these things.

Stefano: (moments earlier Stefano justified his and E.J.'s mocking Philip’s threats as ‘a guy thing.’) You know, lately I've been trying to, you know, see my little granddaughter. I never get a chance to see her. She sleeps all the time.

Nicole: Well, what is it they say? "It's a newborn thing."

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