Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/5/09

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/5/09


Provided By Danielle

Nicole: (Chloe is trying on Nicole’s choice of a bridesmaid dress) Oh, come on. You look fantastic.

Chloe: I feel like Princess Fiona in "Shrek" after she turned into a ogre.

Max: Okay. I mean, I might have been, like, a little self-absorbed. But you, you, on the other hand, you, yes. How can I put this? You were like a little wild thing.

Chelsea: Like a giant cup of crazy I think you mean to say.

Chloe: I just need the wedding to be perfect, okay? I want Lucas to know that i intend to make him a wonderful life and that I will love and cherish him forever.

Nicole: Wow, you give great schmaltz.

Sami: (Sami buys EJ’s claim that he has to know about her love life because of Johnny) E-E.J. Wait. I changed my mind.

E.J.: Shocking.

E.J.: Well...since I know that when you pursue something or someone, you're like a dog on a bone. I'm sure you'll be very successful.

Sami: I don't pursue men... anymore.

Hope: Except that you're really miserable. Mm, and I'm crossing the line, intruding on your privacy. I'm sorry.

Daniel: You know what? You're just being friendly.

Hope: Bad habit of mine.

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