Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/26/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/26/08


Provided By Danielle

Dr. Baker: (Nicole fantasizes about pulling a gun on Dr. Baker) What the hell are you doing?

Nicole: Ice fishing. What does it look like I'm doing?

Melanie: Look, all I'm saying is if your BFF breaks up with her BF, then said bf is back on the market after BFF finds a new BF. It's like a basic rule of romance.

Chelsea: Wow. Did you read that on

Nicole: I come bearing gifts. An apology. Cupcakes.

Dr. Baker: You threatened to kill me.

Nicole: That's what the extra sprinkles are for.

Victor: (to Philip and Brady) No, I'm not done. I haven't even gotten to the point, which is that you can take your outrage and your self-righteous wrath and shove it! Now, if that's ambiguous to either one of you, let me put it in the very direct words of my personal hero, the great Donald Trump -- you're fired, both of you.

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