Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/2/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/2/08


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Hope: I'd forgotten how wonderful a dancer you are when you actually try, Brady.

Bo: What man wouldn't be with you in his arms?

Sami: (Lucas sings to Johnny in a British accent so Johnny will think it is EJ singing to him and calm down) [ Laughs ] You did it!

Lucas: Yeah, I did do it. It worked. It worked! No more crying. Yeah. We don't need E.J., do we? No, we don't need Elvis. [ As Elvis Presley ] Thank you. Thank you very much.

Nicole: (EJ tells Nicole that he plans to make Sami think the annulment she signed is null and void so they’ll remain married) And you probably wouldn't even be telling me if you weren't half drunk.

E.J.: I would never tell you because you are trouble.

Nicole: [ British accent ] Oh, make that completely drunk.

E.J.: But I think Samantha and I were meant to be together, you know? I, uh, I got a son with her, the most beautiful boy in the world. [ Laughs ] Most. The most. I have a family. I never had a family. My whole life, it's all I ever wanted -- a family. Never had a family. My dad didn't have a son. He had a soldier, you know? That's how I know, see? That's how I know we're meant to be together 'cause we're very alike, Samantha and me.

Nicole: Don't you think Lucas feels likewise?

E.J.: [ Slurring ] I mean, I don't know. He was in prison for a long time. Can turn a man's head, maybe. But I don't think he loves me.

Nicole: E.J... do you honestly think that you can plot and plan your way into real love?

E.J.: You do.

E.J.: (Sami comes to Chez Rouge to drag EJ home after Maggie calls to complain that he is making a drunken scene with Nicole) Is that why you're here, darling, because you care?

Sami: I care about Johnny, and I don't want his father embarrassing himself in public. Please.

E.J.: What would the boys at kindergarten say, eh?

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