Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 5/2/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 5/2/08


Provided By Danielle

Anna: (surprises Kate by showing up at Kate’s commercial shoot) [Clears throat] Is that you, Kate? I hardly recognized you without all your overdone eye makeup.

Kate: (Kate complains that Anna was invited to the shoot by Tony) Tony, I'm not sure that Anna knows the difference between a flowerpot and a crock-pot.

Anna: Oh, well, I think you're one to talk. A domestic goddess herself. Probably hasn't used a vacuum since she used it to lipo the fat out of...

John: (Rolf objects to John’s order to remove Stefano’s portrait) Well, if you're not going to cooperate, what can I do -- hold a gun to your head?

Dr. Rolf: That is a rhetorical question, yes?

Anna: (Anna’s appearance in the commercial causes Kate to pull her internet account from Anna’s company) And what if she pulls your account, too?

Tony: There are many other accounts out there, but there are no other Annas.

Sami: A small favor.

John: Small favor. You're living here under my roof, and you have eaten all of my corn chips. I'd say you're doing pretty well for yourself.

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