Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/30/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/30/08


Provided By Danielle

Tony: (on the phone not realizing who he ran into) Listen, I've got to go. Some klutz just bumped into me, and I dropped my laptop.

Anna: Klutz? Some klutz? Well, that's rude, Tony, even for you.

Tony: (Tony tries to make up for calling Anna a klutz) Well, don't take it personally. I was just venting. I should have looked where I was going.

Anna: What, that's it? No verbal sparring? No condescension? What's the matter with you, Tony? You're not acting like your normal pompous self.

Stephanie: No music or candles? What's up with that?

Max: I was not ready for an impromptu romantic rendezvous. But... I do have a lava lamp. What? Who needs ambiance when you got one of those?

Max: [Moans pleasurably] Making love to you is...

Stephanie: Amazing. I know.

Tony: My idea is to have Kate become the next Martha Stewart.

Anna: [Laughs] I'm sorry.

Kate: (Anna complains that Tony can’t have dinner with her because he’s having a dinner meeting with Kate) Oh, don't blame him. It's the only time I have in my schedule.

Anna: I see. Well, at least you're used to working nights.

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