Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 4/14/08

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 4/14/08


Provided By Danielle

Daniel: Ever think about shooting the pipeline?

Kayla: As in surfing? Uh, no. I wasn't born with that Gidget gene.

Marlena: My feelings for you are all tangled up with memories about the way we were.

John: Is that the name of our song?

Lexie: (Kayla swears she’ll stay in bed if Lexie will let her go home) That's right. I mean it, Kay. You need to rest.

Kayla: Okay, I'll do that. I'll just catch up on my favorite soaps.

Caroline: (both Kayla and Bo call Caroline to come pick them up from the hospital but won’t tell her where Steve and Hope are) Why do I get the feeling that I'm driving a getaway car?

John: Well, that's transparent. You want the old john to switch back on, because you feel that being with me and caring for me is like cheating on your husband.

Marlena: That's not fair. You can read my mind, and I have no idea what's going on in yours.

Caroline: Bo, if you don't get some rest, I'll --

Bo: You'll what? Hit me with your shillelagh?

Angelo: What'd you pick the lock with? (Steve reluctantly hands over a bent paper clip) Yeah, look at that. It's not easy picking a lock with one of these. But then again, you were always pretty resourceful back in the day, weren't you, Patch?

Steve: And I've gotten better with age.

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