Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/3/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/3/07


Provided By Danielle

Stephanie: (after being told to raise as much money for charity in the next 48 hours as possible) So, we can do anything?

Morgan: Well, it has to be legal, of course. No topless car washes or anything of that sort.

Stephanie: (under her breath) Man, that was my one idea.

André: (calls in after seeing Steve’s TV ransom broadcast) Yes, I'm here, Steve.

Steve: (referring to Stefano’s recent liver transplant) So what do you say I trade you my Stefano DiMera for your Roman Brady? I got to be honest, he's not exactly in mint condition. He's a little shabby around the edges, and he's got a few recently acquired used parts.

Stephanie: Maybe we can walk dogs...or babysit. Or, I know, bake sale.

Chelsea: (teasing Stephanie about her lack of baking skills) Stephanie, the point is to, um, make money, not get sued.

Station manager: (Bo identifies himself as a police officer when told to leave) Who are you two?

Bo: This is my wife, Hope. She's on the police force. And this is Lucas Roberts.

Lucas: Roman Brady's son-in-law.

Station manager: You always invite the whole family on these assignments?

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