Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 9/4/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 9/4/07


Provided By Danielle

Stephanie: (has told Steve about Jeremy’s crimes) And it's okay to say I told you so.

Steve: I don't want to do that. Come here. I love you a lot more than I love being right.

Sami: (complaining that EJ has stopped by her hospital room after they were both locked in the steam room) You're supposed to be resting, E.J.

E.J.: You know, actually, I feel wonderful after my time in the steam room. I'm fully refreshed, toxin-free.

Sami: (EJ returns once Lucas leaves) What, you just enjoy trying to annoy Lucas?

E.J.: Yes, actually, I do. Rather more than I care to admit.

Kate: (Kate fears that almost stepping into an empty elevator shaft is a sign that Andre is trying to kill her) Stay with you and Sami?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah, just until they nail the guy, you know.

Kate: Death by elevator shaft is looking better and better to me.

Kate: (Kate doesn’t think Roman will want to let her move in with him) Well, I told him about what happened between me and you know who. And it's amazing how a man in a coma can have total recall.

Stefano: Why...all of a sudden this change of heart?

Tony: Because...despite every hurt and insult that we've hurtled at each other...I remain your son. Over the years, you've disappointed me as much as I've disappointed you. And if that does not make us a true father and son, I don't know what does.

E.J.: They're not unlike you and I, you know -- Santo and Colleen.

Sami: (sarcastically) Oh, yeah. People confuse me with a nun all the time.

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