Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/13/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/13/07


Provided By Danielle

Billie: [Knock on door] (to Philip as their search for Lauren in the apartment is interrupted) Girl scout cookies?

Philip: I'm sorry, Billie. I can't believe I forgot my cell phone one more time, sis?

Billie: Why not? Once you've entered an apartment illegally, it doesn't much matter if you do it again.

Steve: (to baby Tyler) So, what do you say we go celebrate and we'll have some wings, maybe some burgers? What do you think, huh? No? Oh, that's right. You're gonna have to have teeth before we do that, huh?

Steve: (to baby Tyler) Yeah. So, you don't -- oh, I know. You're worried about global warming, aren't you?

Abe: (referring to Tyler) You know, he's a cute kid.

Steve: Yeah, he looks just like me, doesn't he?

Abe: I said cute.

Abe: (Lexie takes a picture of Steve, Kayla, and Tyler with her camera phone) Say "Cheese."

Steve: Change me.

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