Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/30/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/30/07


Provided By Danielle

Bo: Why would she work for the DiMeras, especially after what they did to her -- locking her up in a tunnel, making her family, her little boy think she was dead?

Tony: How was I supposed to know that? I've been stuck on an island for 20 years.

Nick: Uh, you know, and then somehow I, uh, I ended up at Sami and Lucas', and there was something about a bomb. And then the next thing I know, I was on a plane here to Vegas.

Max: You know, dude, I think you're the one who needs a doctor, because I'm feeling much better about my life right now.

Dr. Rolf: (Dr. Rolf explains to Stefano why Bart was given the job of reading over Sami’s medical records) I wanted to keep him busy und out of my hair.

Bart: What hair?

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