Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/29/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/29/07


Provided By Danielle

Roman: (Roman delivers Sami and Lucas to the safe house) Yeah, Salem P.D. owns the place. We got cops down the hall, cops in the parking lot, sniper on the roof. You got more protection than the president.

Sami: Oh, yeah, I'm sure he'd love staying here. It's just like the Lincoln bedroom.

Lucas: Oh, would you stop? It's not that bad. Come on. You're sitting on a bed there. We could fix the boredom part right now if you want.

Sami: Lucas, there are cops everywhere. There's probably hidden cameras and stuff. We'll end up on you tube.

E.J.: I'm sorry. Wait a second. What did you say, there are two babies?

Kate: Yes, as if one Sami offspring wasn't enough.

Shawn D.: Wait till you see what my mom bought Claire.

Belle: Oh, gosh. She's a worse shopaholic than I am.

Shawn D.: I didn't think that was possible.

Sami: (joking about moving to Bora Bora to get away from E.J.) I could totally see that. You, like this bronzed sun god, and you're catching our fish for the evening meal.

Lucas: Well, I don't know. That sounds pretty unrealistic, except for the god part.

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