Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/13/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 6/13/07


Provided By Danielle

Bo: (Filling Hope in on how Shawn was proven not to be Willow’s baby’s father) Yeah, very sad. Shawn said he wanted to cover the burial. I said I'd give him the money. He said he'd pay me back 'cause he felt responsible. And as with you, I've learned not to argue.

Stephanie: (Steve walks in to find Stephanie and Jeremy alone together and each dressed solely in a towel) Look, I am sorry you walked in on this, okay? But I am with Jeremy. We love each other. And there's nothing wrong with what we did -- nothing. And you wouldn't even shake his hand.

Steve: The dude had no pants!

Bo: (Bo calls down to the strange sound) Anybody down there? I got to get down there now.

Julie: Wait. Shouldn't we call the police?

Bo: I am the police.

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