Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/26/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/26/07


Provided By Danielle

Chelsea: Well, Abby, come on. That's half the fun in going to college. I mean, dances, keggers, all-nighters with all the sorority sisters.

Abby: I don't know. I've heard that the sisters are pretty mean.

Chelsea: Abby, you are looking at the queen of mean. If anybody gives you a hard time, I got you covered.

Victor: (Lucas asks what he should do if Belle and Shawn refuse the offer to come back in exchange for no charges) Then you do whatever you have to to bring the baby back.

Lucas: Oh, I get it. So one good kidnapping deserves another?

Lucas: (to Victor) You are unbelievable. You are truly one in a million. You pull every dirty trick in the book to snatch their baby away from them, and then when Shawn and Belle don't roll over and play dead, you have the nerve to act surprised? They're only doing the same thing you'd do, except you'd probably pay somebody to do it.

Victor: (Victor decides to fire and blackball Lucas because he won’t bring Claire back to Philip) You leave me no choice, son.

Lucas: You know what? I am not your son. And I'm proud of that. And as for the job, if it means turning into a person like you or Philip just to be successful, you can take your job and shove it.

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