Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/15/07

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/15/07


Provided By Danielle

Chelsea: What got your panties in a twist?

Stephanie: I guess you just bring out the worst in me, Chelsea. And you know what? Now that I'm leaving town, there's been something I wanted to tell you for a long time -- what kind of person I think you really are and why your life's gonna suck unless you make some major changes.

Will: (Sami gets a Good Samaritan citation for saving Lucas) Mom, I'm so proud of you. I mean, even the kids at school have been calling about the article. I feel like the son of someone famous instead of, well, you know.

Chelsea: (Stephanie uses the fact that she’s leaving town to finally tell Chelsea what she truly thinks of her) What is her problem?

Abby: Gee, I don't know, maybe you.

Lucas: You wanted a second chance, baby. You got one now.

Sami: This is the part where you really want to tell me not to blow it this time, right?

Lucas: I'd prefer you not to blow this opportunity, yeah. That would be nice for me, save me a little headache.

Chelsea: You know what's so great about you, Abigail? You're just so witty. But didn't anybody tell you that guys really don't like funny girls? Maybe that's your problem.

Abby: What about stupid ones?

Chelsea: Excuse me?

Abby: Never mind.

Chelsea: (about her online beau) Well, I'm gonna tell him that I know his real name. And then if he still doesn't talk to me, well, I'm just going to hunt him down like a hound from hell and rattle his cage in person, so...

Nick: There you go. Guys love being stalked.

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