Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 11/30/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 11/30/06


Provided By Danielle

Sami: It's just a tiny, little first-aid kit. It's not that big a deal.

Will: Oh, yeah, you know, when I'm speeding down a hill at 30 miles an hour, and I slam face-first into a tree, you know, those tiny Band-Aids from that tiny kit are really gonna come in handy.

E.J.: (John approaches E.J. at Chez Rouge) Please, why don't you join me?

John: I'll hang for a second, but there's not enough antacid in Salem to make me stomach a meal with you.

Sami: (Sami complains that Lucas wants to rent ‘The Godfather’ again) Yeah, all right, but I didn't exactly have in mind watching a movie where the two people kissing end up getting machine-gunned to death.

Lucas: What do you want? Rent "Wedding Crashers" or something more up your alley?

E.J.: (E.J. spots Sami struggling with Will’s heavy duffel bag) Hey. If that's Lucas in there, and you need a hand getting rid of it, just let me know.

E.J.: Lucas, you have every right to be angry. I was completely out of line the other day, and I just approached Samantha to apologize. I just would like a clean slate.

Lucas: I'll give you a clean slate, and then I'll hit you with it.

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