Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/11/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/11/06


Provided By Danielle

Maggie: Mimi, you look adorable. Can I have a hug?

Mimi: You look gorgeous. I love your outfit.

Maggie: Well, I'm kind of a slave to fashion, I guess.

Bonnie: How about getting us a table?

Maggie: (in reference to Bonnie’s outfit) And then there's some styles that never seem to go away.

Bonnie: (Maggie leaves after showing them to their table) I've got half a mind to pop the air out of that...

Mimi: Put down the fork.

Jack: It's time to contact deep throat.

Jennifer: No, Jack. No.

Jack: It's time. Trust me.

Jennifer: Great. Famous last words, jack.

Sal: I'd take that clock off your hands. That'd bring a nice high price on the street.

Jack: The watch off my wrist?

Jennifer: Just give it to me.

Jack: (Jennifer pulls the watch off Jack’s wrist and Sal pockets it) The things I do for a Pulitzer.

Bonnie: (Bonnie wants to stop Maggie from going on about how Claire doesn’t look like Belle or Philip looked in their baby pictures) Did they even have photography when you were born?

Jack: (arriving at the warehouse to meet Deep Throat II) All right, listen, I have complete and total faith in you, but this time, please play the Lois Lane role. Let me wear the cape.

Jennifer: And the tights.

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