Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 8/18/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 8/18/06


Provided By Danielle

Mimi: (Belle claims that Claire is too fussy to sleep because Philip isn’t around) She really does adore Philip, doesn't she?

Belle: (still unaware that Shawn is really Claire’s father) Of course, she does. He's her daddy. Thank God there will never be any confusion about that.

Philip: (Philip is confident he’d win in a court custody battle) Why is that? Because the family attorney, Gene Briscoe -- you know that guy's got political connections up the wazoo. Pretty much a guarantee that any judge in Salem is gonna rule in favor of a Kiriakis. What do you think about that?

Shawn D.: I'll tell you exactly what I think about that. It's interesting 'cause I'm a Kiriakis, too.

Philip: We got Grandma Caroline’s radio right here. We'll get some tunes on. Let's jack it up. (Shawn and Belle’s song plays) That’s what I'm talking about. What is this crap?

Shawn D.: That song, funny enough, is the song Belle and I danced to during the last blast competition.

Philip: Of course, it is. What else would it be, right? 'Cause no matter what I do, I can't get away from Shawn and Belle's greatest hits.

Lisa: (Shawn and Philip are literally falling down drunk) You know, neither one of you are in any position to drive. I'm calling you a cab. Stay here.

Shawn D.: I've been called worse.

Philip: So have I.

Shawn D.: (to Mimi after coming home drunk) I just want to make out -- up. I want to make up. Well, no, I want a kiss, too.

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