Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/7/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 8/7/06


Provided By Danielle

Della: Drowning your sorrows, huh? How's that working out?

Steve: It's not.

Della: Hey. Then why don't you go home, Nick?

Steve: Home. If I could just figure out where that is...

Sami: Oh, don't be snotty about Americans, E.J. We talk about important stuff, too.

Carrie: And not the world's problems so much. Our problems.

Sami: Our problems are important, too, Carrie, like, "does my butt look big in these jeans?"

Bonnie: My recommendation is scotch, rocks, because after I fill you in on the disaster our children's marriages have become, you're gonna need it. (Bonnie fills Kate in on the baby switch, Philip’s accident, and Mimi reading Belle’s confession of love for Shawn)

Kate: You're so right. I do need another scotch.

Kate: (after learning about Belle’s love confession for Shawn) That little witch.

Bonnie: Oh, yes, yes, but I'd change the "W" to a "B" or something worse.

Kate: Do we really know? Do we know for sure that Shawn is open to Belle making advances on him?

Bonnie: Are we watching the same channel here?

Belle: I'm not ashamed of it. We were a committed couple for a long time, and I'm not gonna pretend that that never existed.

Mimi: Gee, what was the part in the wedding ceremony? Oh, did you miss the part about forsaking all others, cleaving only unto Philip Kiriakis, your husband? Because when I walked in the room, it really looked like you were cleaving unto my husband.

Mimi: (Belle blames her computer diary confession of love for Shawn on hormones) So, is that why you were kissing Shawn, or are you gonna blame that on the hormones, too?

Kayla: Have you thought maybe there's this possibility that this mystery man -- don't you want me to know who it is?

Stephanie: And have you bumping into him accidentally on purpose, telling him how beautiful I am, inviting him over for dinner? No, thanks, Mom.

Kayla: Those are very good ideas.

Kate: (discussing their children’s latest happenings) There's just one thing that doesn't make sense.

Bonnie: One thing?

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