Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/30/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/30/06


Provided By Danielle

Lucas: Yeah, okay. [ Clears throat ] Uh... I owe you an apology.

Sami: Are you feeling all right?

Sami: [ Laughs ] No, I am from scratch making breakfast for everybody. I have made breakfast burritos. Lucas: You cooked. Thank god Carrie had plans with her dad and my mother. That way she doesn't have to get more morning sickness 'cause that would do her in.

Lucas: (to Sami) You're just full of surprises, aren't you? I was convinced earlier that you had something going on with Lexie, that you had something on her. And then to find out that you were actually trying to help get Lexie to admit to Abe that she was having an affair with Tek -- I'm impressed. First that, and now you're actually cooking an edible meal. I don't know what to believe.

Bonnie: (to Shawn’s skepticism over her claim that Mimi’s emotional reaction was due to hormones) Well, honey, you're a man, which means you're in the dark about most things.

Kate: (in reference to how Will, Austin, and Lucas had to come to the Pub to eat since Sami burnt breakfast) Well, most children have mothers who can cook.

Lucas: (Kate’s son) Oh, well, I didn’t.

Roman: Well, all I know is I cannot wait to walk you down the aisle.

Carrie: You don't mind that I'm pregnant?

Roman: Well, if Lucas wasn't marrying you, I'd be after him with a shotgun.

Mimi: (Shawn is being led away to donate a sperm sample) Think of me.

Shawn D.: (after he returns) Hey, thanks, by the way.

Mimi: For what?

Shawn D.: I thought of you.

Lexie: (Kate questions Lexie about her mystery phone call) Kate, this might be a new concept for you, but mind your own business. Stay out of mine.

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