Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/1/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/1/06

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Max: You really are worried, huh? Chelsea: Yeah, well, hope's back in Salem, so my future's pretty much set. But at least I look good in orange.

Mimi: (Shawn gushes about how proper and natural things will be when the baby comes) Okay, okay, okay, Mr. Nutrition. What about my ice-cream habit? I'm going to have cravings. At least, I hope I'm going to have cravings. Shawn D.: Honey... honey... Mimi: What? Shawn D.: I want you to go over there to the freezer and open the door, and what you will find is gallons and gallons of low-fat ginger snap cinnamon swirl. Mimi: Have I told you that I love you?

Philip: Come on. I know you love racing, and I also know that you think some of the drivers are kind of cute, don't you? Belle: Yeah, but I already think you're cute. I married you, had your baby.

Belle: You know what? It was a little weird for me because Philip was overseas when I was pregnant, so you being pregnant, I'm gonna get to experience all the things that I missed, like shopping for baby clothes! Mimi: Will you have the morning sickness for me? Belle: You're on your own on that. Mimi: Some friend you are.

Philip: Maggie, I'm glad you kept our reservation. Shawn drove about 12 miles per hour on the way over here. Shawn D.: 13, and I was being careful.

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