Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/15/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/15/06

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Maggie: (to Alice) Your timing is perfect. I was just giving Jennifer the same advice you gave me all those years ago. In fact, I remember your exact words. "Maggie, you are too young to wear widow's weeds." Alice: Oh, I guess I was wise in those days, huh?

John: (explaining how he was able to find Alex and Marlena) I put a tracking device on his jet. He tried to cross me up at first. He must have gotten wise to me, so somehow he jammed the transmission, right? Alex: Oh, I'm wise to you all right, John. Marlena is, too. Your stalking us day and night has terribly upset her. What do you think I did -- write him a postcard? "Dear John, Marlena and I miss you. Wish you were here."

Alex: (Alex claims that he and Marlena mutually decided to sell the penthouse) We haven't decided that yet. But it was a mutual decision. Marlena just doesn't remember. John: Really? Marlena, don't you find that somewhat strange that you don't remember that? Alex: (answering for Marlena) She has amnesia, John. John: And she's lost her ability to speak also?

Marlena: John, John. This love you say you have for me is not healthy. Please remember, I'm a psychiatrist. I'm afraid you are borderline psychotic. I've said it before. I'll say it again -- you need professional help. Alex: And as a fellow psychiatrist, I agree with that excellent diagnosis. Imagine that, John. A second opinion, free of charge.

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