Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/7/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/7/06

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Provided By Danielle

Lucas: (to Carrie) I never doubted you’d say yes. Carrie: You didn’t? Lucas: No, I just didn’t know how long it was going to take for you to tell me.

Sami: (after Kate has fainted upon hearing Austin ask Sami to date once again) Did she have a heart attack? Austin: No I think she just fainted. Sami: Oh well, better luck next time.

Sami: (Kate refuses to believe that Carrie will wind up with anyone other than Austin) Does breaking Lucas’ heart every couple of months give you some sort of satisfaction or is it that you can’t stand being the only one who is alone?

Billie: (she and Bo assume Chelsea isn’t answering her phone because she doesn’t want to talk to them) (scowls) She is so stubborn! Bo: Now that is genetic, on both sides.

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