Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/24/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/24/06

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Kate: (Bonnie downs her flask followed by drinking from her bottle of holy water) What are you doing? Bonnie: Prepping with a holy water chaser. If this doesn't calm me down, nothing will. Kate: Well, get ahold of yourself, okay? Bonnie: How can I get ahold of myself when belle could still ruin this wedding? Damn, I wish I had finished that mail-order course on body language, or at least bought myself a tranquilizer blow dart.

Kate: Look, we've done the very best we could do, all right? All we can do now is wait and pray. Bonnie: Waiting and praying are not my strong suits. Kate: (sarcastically) Oh, really?

Jennifer: (Jennifer imagines that several “Jacks” appear in the pews at church) Oh, my gosh. This is -- oh, this is really freaky. Could just one of you answer me, please? Jack: (one of the Jacks from the back pew stands) Of course.

Sami: Well, Lexie, you did a good job. Lexie: Good job? I violated the Hippocratic oath, Sami. I lied to Carrie about her health, her future. Sami: Give me a break. It is not the worst diagnosis you've ever made. It's certainly not the worst lie you've ever told.

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