Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/23/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/23/06

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John: Damn it, roman, I've been here. I've seen the man in action. This isn't just some jealousy. The man's a killer. Roman: John, all right. Don't jump all over me, okay? I am trying to be the voice of reason here. Somebody's got to be 'cause I don't want to see you going off half-cocked with no hard evidence to back you up. 'Cause I don't want to see you being the one that winds up behind bars like you did after Lois banks died. Giving her that truth serum was not exactly the smartest damn thing you ever did in your life.

Sami: (to Austin and Lucas) I can't believe the way that Carrie is stringing you both along, but it must be nice to have two men who want to marry you. Lucas: She's not stringing us along. She's not like you.

Lucas: (about Carrie) She's made her decision. She's in Lexie’s office now. She's gonna come back here, and she's gonna tell us. Sami: Wow, it's just like a reality show. One man will have his heart broken tonight. The other, if he accepts the rose, he'll have the bride of his dreams.

Alex: (Marlena tries to convince Alex that she still trusts him) [ Clears throat ] You are not the only psychiatrist in the room, doc. Did you actually think I would fall for any of that, hmm?

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