Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/10/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 3/10/06

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Mimi: Oh, Mrs. Bradford, we understand that, you know, you're known for your daring wedding concepts, but no. No bubbles. We're really traditional people. Calliope: Traditional when I lived in Salem, you had to hire a gunman for the wedding.

Bonnie: (sneaks a vial full of holy water from the church) [ Sighs ] Nothing like a swig of holy water to cure whatever ails you -- varicose veins, acid reflux. Plus, it wards off vampires and the I.R.S.

Mimi: (Bonnie is lighting some candles at the altar) What are you doing? Bonnie: Just paying for a few of my sins -- like that heath ledger look-alike who works at the gas station, oh, and that hunk guy who delivers beer to the Cheatin' heart. Mimi: Okay, that's too much information. I get it.

Shawn D.: (Shawn overhears Mimi declare to Bonnie that she has to come clean to Shawn) What do you have to come clean about? Bonnie: She's just being dramatic. I swear she should have been an actress.

Mimi: Shawn, before we get married, I have a confession to make. Calliope: You certainly do. (to Shawn) And so do you. Before father Jansen can marry you, you have to go to confession or it can't happen. So let's do this right after the rehearsal and check it off the list. So, everybody, places. I'm gonna go get father Jansen. I'm gonna get him a cushion for his chair in there, 'cause something tells me with this crowd, he's gonna need it.

Shawn D.: (Bo asks if Hope knows about Shawn’s wedding plans) Well, I told her we'd wait to get married until after she came home. Bo: So you lied to her? Shawn D.: Guess it runs in the family.

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