Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/9/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/9/06

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Patrick: (Hope accidentally walks in on a nude Patrick because he was using an outdoor shower) I should have told you about the shower. Hope: Well, I just got here last night, haven't had time for the grand tour. Patrick: Well, it's not all that grand, as you can see.

Carrie: Lucas told me that he loved me last night. Caroline: Well, that wasn't exactly a surprise, was it? Carrie: And then I got stuck in the elevator with Austin. Caroline: We should all have such problems.

Will: (to Philip who did lose a leg at war) I guess Sami’s the one who's never grown up. Last night she was a total spaz. I better go over there to show her that I'm walking. She's acting like I lost a leg or something.

Lucas: (Lucas tells Philip about telling Carrie he loves her) Not much. She didn't say much, but I did get a hell of a kiss out of it. Philip: Hmm, well, it often starts with a hell of a kiss, but then it ends up in diapers, if you're not careful.

Hope: (Hope takes her turn in Patrick’s outdoor shower) Oh, god. It's freezing! Patrick: All right, I'm sorry. I didn't think to tell you the water's cold. Hope: Cold? It's freezing. It's like a glacier. What are you, Swedish or something? Patrick: What can I say? It wakes me up. Hope: I'm awake. I'm awake.

Carrie: She doesn't see it that way, believe me. She blames me. And now, it's looking like history may repeat itself. Caroline: Lord knows, there's no fury like a Sami scorned.

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