Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/6/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 2/6/06

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Lucas: (in an effort to keep Carrie from accepting Austin’s offer to join his company) You know what? You know what this is like? This is not an offer. This is like jumping somebody in an alley, hitting them over the head, taking their wallet, and then saying, "oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that. Maybe you'd like to go on a date with me."

Sami: (to Carrie after both Austin and Lucas pitch their offers to get Carrie to join their respective companies) So, anyway, I think both guys have made their pitches. Now it's up to you. It's like having two guys ask you to the prom, which happened to you almost every year, so you have some experience making this kind of decision.

Bonnie: (to Mimi and Shawn) Well, there -- there's one other thing. I mean, it's not something I exactly need, but it would motivate me to get better, give me a reason to live. And if I wind up not making it -- Mimi: Oh, don't even say that, mom. Bonnie: If it happens, I want to be prepared. Baby, I want to be able to go up to that big old single's bar in the sky at peace.

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