Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 2/3/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 2/3/06

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Shawn D.: Mimi, come here. Mimi: What? Shawn D.: (about Claire) Who do you think she looks like? Belle: And you better not say Eisenhower.

Lucas: (Carrie reconsiders taking the job at Titan) Think about what? We just shook hands. We made a deal. Carrie: Yeah, but I had my fingers crossed on the other hand.

Caroline: Bonnie, when I had my heart attack, you know, I felt a pain in my jaw of all places. And so I brushed it off the whole day, and I almost died because I put off going to the doctor. Bonnie: Oh, thanks, I feel so much better.

Belle: (Bonnie pretends to be overcome with chest pain and Mimi and Shawn take her to the hospital) Anyway, it was like Mimi was acting like she thought Bonnie was faking it or something. Caroline: Maybe she had a reason to believe that. Belle: But why would bonnie do something like that? I mean, after everything that we just went through with Zack and Claire, be a little insensitive, wouldn't it? Caroline: Well, yes, it would, but, after all, we are talking about Bonnie Lockhart.

Lexie: (taking patient history) Okay. What about smoking? Drinking? Bonnie: Everyone in my family except my kids. Well, that I know of. Lexie: Bonnie, I'm talking about you. …Lexie: Do you exercise? Bonnie: Not as much since my divorce, if you know what I mean.

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