Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/3/06

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/3/06

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Austin: To you, Carrie. May all your dreams come true in the New Year. Carrie: One of them already has -- you and I together after all this time. There's no place that I would rather be and no one I'd rather be with, Austin. (Sami lets go of the fire escape ladder to make a gagging gesture and almost falls off)

Shawn D.: Mimi Lockhart... will you marry me? Mimi: [ Exhales sharply ] Oh! (Mimi is speechless) Shawn D.: A-a good answer would be yes.

Lucas: (Nicole complains that she wasnít invited to Samiís party) What do you care? I thought you hated us all. Nicole: (holds up a liquor bottle) If I drank enough of this stuff, I don't care who I party with.

Nicole: (getting drunk) Where is Sami, anyway? Sami, fami, bo bami bonana -- Lucas: She is on the rooftop trying to break up Carrie and Austin. Nicole: Good. Maybe she'll fall off.

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