Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/19/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/19/05

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Provided By Danielle

Shawn D.: (Shawn has just noticed the Christmas decorations) What -- what is all this? What's going on.

Mimi: Oh, you know, Christmas comes at the end of the year, you know, December. People celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and give each other presents. You must have heard of it.

Bo: The thing I'm worried about is something might happen and she won't use her head. She'll do something reckless like speeding. Hope: Must be genetic. Bo: I was waiting for that. Hope: Mm-hmm. Hey, between Shawn and Chelsea, I would have to say that our children are conspiring to make us prematurely gray.

Sami: Then let's just go up and get our seats so we don't miss a second of the concert. Austin: (as a joke) Okay, sounds like a plan...Stan. Sami: (smiles and playfully smacks Austinís arm) Shut up! Austin: [ Laughs ]

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