Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/7/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 12/7/05

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Becky: (to Carrie after finding a picture of her and Austin) Storage? Why? It's just a picture. Oh. If you had it that close to you, there must be a reason. I once slept with a picture of Carson Daly under my pillow, but I guess it didn't have quite the same meaning.

Eugenia: (reveals that she overheard Sami talking about Austin still loving Carrie) I was walking by, and I heard you talking to yourself -- again.

Austin: Sami, I can't believe -- yes, I can believe that you went through my things and then you lied to me about it. Sami: You asked me to look in your filofax for an address for that meeting with the investor the other night. And then I dropped it on the ground when I went to put it away, and it fell open to a photo of my sister, so I read the entry next to it. Austin: Did the entry say, "Sami, please read?"

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