Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/31/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/31/05

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Provided By Danielle

Shawn D.: (Shawn and Mimi are dressed as skimpy versions of Tarzan and Jane due to Bonnie’s requirement) You know, I think I have a newfound sympathy for Chippendale dancers.

Bonnie: (Alex walks into Alice’s wearing no costume) Well, partner, you're getting my last hat. Looks like you're gonna be the town villain.

John: (Alex is searching the floor for the pendant) Lose something? Alex: Uh, yeah. I lost my car keys. John: (in an effort to get Alex to leave) Oh. Here. Take mine. See you later.

Bonnie: (Bonnie sticks the pendant in her cleavage) Hmm. Well, whatever it is, it's gonna look good on my costume. Like I told roman, you got to put something like this in a place where it will draw the most attention. Oh. Okay, girls. Time to do your stuff and snag me a (Roman’s costume) sheriff.

Bonnie: (to Hope in an attempt to show that not going to college doesn't mean she isn't educated) Oh, yeah? Let me tell you a little something about higher education. I happen to be a graduate of hair harper's school of beauty with a major in manicures and a minor in pedicures. Plus, I'm working on my license to drive 18-wheelers, and I only have a few class hours left to qualify for home heating and air-conditioning maintenance. That's hvac to you. And I am this close to being certified in tv and vcr repair. Hope: Well, sounds like you've taken every course matchbook covers have to offer.

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