Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/12/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 9/12/05

By Danielle

Nicole: (as she sobs over Brady and Chloe’s wedding) "then she had to come back from the dead and take him away from me"

Bonnie: (as she fantasizes about kissing John as her new husband) Oh! My god, that's perfect. And that's a fact.

Nicole: [ Continues sobbing, to Kate] Oh, god. This is weird. I never thought I'd be comforted by a woman who hates me.

Nicole: What do you want, kate? Kate: What do you think i want? I want sami's head on a silver platter with a gold apple stuck in her gutter mouth.

Kate: (to Roman) Well, I would prefer not to talk about sami, if you don't mind. In fact, I think it's bad luck to even mention her name at a wedding ceremony, don't you, given all of her failures?

Caroline: (about Nicole) That girl's not playing with a full deck.

Caroline: [ wakes from being hit over the head by Nicole ] Nicole! Oh, I'm on the floor. Oh, I've never seen the bridal room from down here before.

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