Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 9/2/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 9/2/05

By Danielle

Jennifer: (as they talk about the co-bridal shower for Sami and Chloe) And, you know, it could be a little dicey, honoring two brides-to-be at one time. Hope: Especially when one of them is Sami Brady. She's never been too big on sharing -- we all know that -- and with Chloe Lane.

Jennifer: So I can keep an eye on you. Not that I would have to. Jack: No, never, because, you know, I never get wild -- never. Well, except that one time. Jennifer: Sometimes -- I've seen you -- once.

Jennifer: Well, I didn't think I was going to, either. But you know what? After jack jr. Outgrows them, I'm gonna hold on to them just in case. Especially the way jack's been acting lately, I'm surprised I'm not pregnant already. Hope: That good, huh? Jennifer: That man is exhausting me, but I am not complaining.

Alice: Well, you know that I've always said that healthy... a key to a good marriage. Hope: Gran... Jennifer: Gram! Alice: Well, it's true.

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