Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/25/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/25/05

By Danielle

Jack: (as he dances his way backwards out of the garage) Bum-bum-bum, yeah gonna have a party gonna have a party party, oh! I'm all right. Don't worry. Party! Yeah. Jennifer: Well, that was... Frankie: Strange.

Philip: (to Sami as she vows once again to expose Kate as evil) That's fantastic. Why don't you just walk away now?

Jennifer: Yeah, well, I'm very thankful for scrabble because now we don't have to play truth or dare -- or should I say truth or dip? Jack: You're just a couple of jalapeŅo wimps, that's all.

Jack: Right, okay, but that's just for a couple of points. She really racks it up when she gets -- she starts playing fast and loose with the suffixes. Jennifer: What a minute -- this is the champion of the prefixer. Do you remember the word -- what was the word he -- re-reiterate. Jack: That's just as much a word as "prefixer," Jennifer.

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