Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/18/05


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 7/18/05

By Danielle

Kate: (to Lucas and Billie) And, of course, the bride shouldn't see the groom, so... [Roman walks in] Roman: Kate! Just the woman I want to see. [Kate locks herself in her office] What? Something I said?

Bo: (upon arriving at Mickey and Maggie’s vow renewal ceremony) Mm-hmm. I love you, Fancy Face. I'd marry you over again, too. Hope: You'd better.

Mickey: (Bonnie sobs upon hearing the news that Maggie is the bride, not her) Oh, God. I handled that so badly. I feel terrible. Maggie: I don’t.

Maggie: (as they renew their vows) Mickey... I'm so blessed and so thrilled to be able to be your wife again. You have given me the most wonderful and exciting life. And now it's gonna continue. When people come here to dine, I want it to be very special, because, to me, it symbolizes love. Oh, my darling, true love -- it's never lost. [Voice breaking] It's reborn. Mickey: This is your place, Maggie -- Chez Rouge. Oh, I love you, Red... forever.

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