Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/6/05

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/6/05

By Danielle

Billie: (after Patrick suggests that they go to Lookout Point after the dance) Patrick Lockhart! I am not that type of girl. Although I kind of used to be.
Hope: Okay. Belle, if you need any help at all planning anything, just call me.
Bo: As long as it's not help with cooking.
Hope: Hey, my cooking's not -- okay, it's not that good.
Bo: Right. I didn't marry her for her culinary skills.
Billie: (to Patrick) Yeah, well, I just hope that cranky old judge believes me. Until then, I'm living with the Brady bunch.
Bonnie: (to Patrick after another person mistakenly calls her by her maiden name) Why can't nobody ever get that right? It's Horton now. Hor-ton.
Chelsea: (upon spotting Patrick talking to Bonnie) Like who's that trashy blonde talking to him now?
Abby: That's his mother.
Bonnie: (to Billie) I feel for you, sweetheart, I really do. Not knowing where your child is -- that has got to be the worst thing that can happen. Then having to live with her father -- your ex -- and his wife, that's really gotta bite. And I should know. I'm living with one who came back from the dead. Try that on for size.
Billie: Actually, I have.

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