Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/31/04

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 12/31/04

By Danielle

Hope: (to Bo as she serves him chicken soup) Okay, I didn't make it, so it's safe.

Bart: (after Jack covers his attempt to build a trap by pretending he was working out) Uh-huh. Well, take five, muscles. 'Cause I got something that's really gonna pump... you up.

Woman: Chloe. That's a beautiful name. Chloe: Yeah, for a hideous face.

Bart: (to Jack as he taunts Jack with footage of Patrick getting closer to Jack’s family) Hey, I wonder if she's gonna change the kids' last name -- I mean, who wouldn't want to lose Deveraux, right? Bitch to spell, and the "x" is silent.

John: (to Belle) Izzy, you are always gonna be our little girl.

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