Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/13/04


Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/13/04

By Danielle

Lexie: It's not the world's best, okay? I had to make it myself. Maggie: Gee. She cures the sick, she makes the coffee...

Woman: I don't, actually. How often does a girl get to double dip before her big day? Stick your big toe in the water, see how it feels. Sami: Are you suggesting that I cheat on my fiancÚ with my current -- ex -- whatever -- husband?

Hope: Actually, um, can I ask you a personal question? Brandon: Well, that seems like the popular thing tonight.

Tony: (to Marlena and Roman) But have no fear. I've come today to entertain you, not to bury you. It's show time!

Tony: (to Bart) Yes, um, clean the mess up, will you? And just leave. Bart: But I brought the popcorn and licorice. (Tony glares at him) You know, I can eat it somewhere else.

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